Here at St. Philip’s, we invite you to be a part of our church community. We hold weekly and monthly events so that we may learn more about our Lord together. Below are a few of our regular events. See our church calendar for dates and times.

Beer Taps

St Dunstan's Academy of Christian Studies

St Dunstan's is our weekly Bible study. This year we will be studying the book of Acts.  The evening begins with Evening prayer at 6:45pm at the church followed by the study at 7:15pm.

We invite you to join us as we learn and grow in our faith together!

Bible Lessons

Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap is our monthly book club.

Once a month we fellowship together at Macado's restaurant in Blacksburg on 922 University Blvd. 

Each month we will read a selected book and discuss it. Fr. Miller will act as moderator for our discussions.

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What is Anglicanism? (Catechesis)

The word Catechesis means religious instruction given to a person in preparation for Christian baptism or confirmation, typically using a catechism. Catechesis is a study for all who desire to learn more about the Christian faith including church history, matters of doctrine, the ancient creeds and how the earliest of Christians interpreted the faith.


We invite you to join our study whether you are already a Christian or someone interested in church membership or simply desire to learn more.

Mass Schedule

Mass is the heart of our traditional Anglican worship on Sundays. Mass is available at 10:30am and Weekly Mass is available Wednesdays at noon unless otherwise stated by our calendar.

Church Candles


Evensong in the Anglican tradition is the evening prayer service filled with beautiful music. We hold an Evensong service several times throughout the year and usually take up an offering for a local charity. Check our church calendar to see when our next Evensong service will be held.


Evening Prayer

We invite you to worship with us throughout the week. Please join us for evening prayer at St. Philip’s on Wednesdays at 6:45pm before St Dunstan’s Academy of Christian Studies.


Pipe Organ