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Senior Warden - Matt McCarthy

Junior Warden - David McKissack

Treasurer - Matthew Stuart

Clerk - Lisa Becksford

Member - Sarah Hayes

What is a vestry? 

According to the Anglican Province of America: 

The Vestry shall consist of five (5) members elected at Annual Parish meetings by a majority vote of Communicants. The Vestry shall have the authority and responsibility for the management of all temporal affairs of the Parish. In acting at all times to represent the views and best interests of the Parish membership, the Vestry shall be agents and legal representatives of that membership in all matters concerning its property and the relationship of the Parish with its Clergy and the Diocese.


In addition to the power inherent in the authority to manage the temporal affairs of the Parish, the Vestry shall have the following enumerated powers:

(a) The power to determine the compensation and allowances of the Rector.

(b) The power to appoint delegates to the Diocesan Synod.

(c) The power to elect and remove its own officers.

(d) The power to appoint such committees, in consultation with the Rector, as they may deem

necessary for the management of the temporal affairs of the Parish. Such committees shall report

to the Vestry.

(e) The power to amend these By-Laws by majority vote unless an exception to the Canons is

required, in which case the Vestry shall present their proposals to the Parish for approval.

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