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Who We Are

What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism is the Christian faith that has been believed and practiced throughout the ages; it is the universal and Catholic faith expressed in the context of the English-speaking world. Contrary to popular myth, the Anglican church did not begin with King Henry VIII, although he did separate the church politically from Rome. Its history transcends certain reform movements and schisms.

Anglicans believe in the authority of Scripture as the standard above all standards, which is understood and applied by the Church throughout the ages. Anglicanism believes in apostolic authority that goes back to the time of Christ and his apostles; it adheres to the Catholic principle of being governed by bishops, priests, and deacons. Within Anglicanism, there are seven sacraments, while we maintain that the primary means of God’s grace exists in holy baptism and in the holy Eucharist. Prayer shapes our belief and worship.

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